Craftsmanship & Design

The interior craftsmanship is where Novatec becomes instantly recognizable as it demonstrates the exquisite work and the perfect blend of stylish designs with time-honored craftsmanship. Using the finest of woods and uniquely hand-built by our carpentry foreman (each with over 20 years of experience), Novatec creates an interior that shows like a work-of-art, yet emits true warmth that will welcome you and your guests. In addition, to sustain the interior richness over time, the thicker than norm 55 mil wood veneer is applied despite the increase in production. Novatec Signature interior highlights include the marvelous wood trim inlay, noble triple accent cabin doors, and the luxurious contrast hand-stitching helm station.


This quality of craftsmanship is also shown on the mirror-like exterior fiberglass finish, and extends even to hull’ interior such as engine room and bilges.


In addition to implementing various designs from famous Naval Architects such as Bill Dixon from U.K and Carlo Mezzera from Italy, to further satisfy the individual customization needs and improve communications with our Novatec owners, 3D interior design program is used to provide customers vivid renderings of their anticipated design. Either classic or contemporary styling, we have the confident to build a unique interior to the owner’s demand.


Photo 1: Novatec’s signature wood trim with inlay and exquisite contrast stitching helm station.


Photo 2, 3: 3D interior design program is applied to provide customers vivid renderings of their anticipated designs.