Gottsegen New Energy Collection

Gottsegen 62 New Energy Catamaran Limited Edition
Gottsegen 62 新能源双体船 限量版

General Description

Gottsegen 62 New Energy Catamaran is pure electrically designed with solar panel for comfort ability and
attempted as a New Dimension of Nautical Tranquility in the yachting industry.
She is fully sustainable pure-electric yacht featuring a clean elegant design with straight line and a spacious
interior, which shall accommodate up to 24 guests and a crew of 2 members. An additional crew cabin shall be
built upon owner’s further request for privacy purpose, subject to availability of lower deck space.
Gottsegen 62 is equipped with two large master bedrooms attached with individual bathroom at lower deck.
There is a large size party lounge area in the front and the main saloon at the back, delivering a stunning sea views at the upper deck.
The China-based manufacturer’s partnership with Gottsegen Yachts, boast to its new-energized catamaran
offering relaxation and tranquility cruising over the new horizon of sun-rise and sun-set around the nearby
*Thanks to its 360 degree pot-drive with twin electric propulsion system. Gottsegen, which consist of two 100
kW electric motors, a 200 kWh battery, and a 60 kW DC generator. Its Power system consists of two 100 kW
electric motors, a larger, 400 kWh battery, and a 100 kW DC generator. While the Cruise propulsion system
allows the catamaran to reach a top speed of 10 knots, the Power one boosts that speed to 12 knots.
Optional Kite-Propulsion System shall be added for higher speed up to 14 knots, upon customer’s request.
*48 Lithium Lion Prosphate 4 solar panels are integrated into the roof of the catamaran, generating 19.2 kWp
of solar energy. Proprietary cooling system will be installed for giving an energy boost of 10 to 15 percent.
SAFETY FIRST: Please note that Gottsegen 62 is equipped with the most robust & reliable LiFeO4 battery, which
is better than normal lithium ion type, because it has the edge over lithium ion, both in terms of cycle life
lasting 4-5 times longer and safety. This is the key advantage due to lithium-ion polymer battery can overheat
and even catch fire, while LiFeO4 does not. Even the best entertainment on the water must be ensured with
safety combined.
Gottsegen 62 新能源双体船采用纯电动设计,配备太阳能电池板以提高舒适性,并尝试作为游艇行业航
她是完全可持续发展的纯电动游艇,采用简洁优雅的直线设计和宽敞的内部空间,最多可容纳 24 位客
人和 2 名船员。应船东出于隐私目的的进一步要求,应根据下层甲板空间的可用性,建造一个额外的船
Gottsegen 62 配备了两间大型主卧室,在下层甲板上设有独立浴室。前面有一个大型派对休息区,后面
这家总部位于中国的制造商与 Gottsegen Yachts 的合作伙伴关系,以其新能源双体船在附近岛屿周围日

这家总部位于中国的制造商与 Gottsegen Yachts 的合作伙伴关系,以其新能源双体船在附近岛屿周围日
*得益于其带双电动推进系统的 360 度旋转驱动。 Gottsegen,它由两个 100 kW 电动机、一个 200 kWh
电池和一个 60 kW 直流发电机组成。它的动力系统由两个 100 kW 电动机、一个更大的 400 kWh 电池和
一个 100 kW 直流发电机组成。 Cruise 推进系统允许双体船达到 10 节的最高速度,而 Power one 则将该
速度提升至 12 节。
根据客户的要求,应添加可选的风筝推进系统,以实现高达 14 节的更高速度
*48 Lithium Lion Prosphate 4 太阳能电池板集成到双体船的屋顶,产生 19.2 kWp 的太阳能。将安装专有
的冷却系统,以提高 10% 至 15% 的能量。
安全第一:请注意,Gottsegen 62 配备了最坚固可靠的 LiFeO4 电池,优于普通锂离子电池,因为它在循
环寿命长 4-5 倍和安全。这是关键优势,因为锂离子聚合物电池会过热甚至着火,而 LiFeO4 则不会。即


*Unlimited range; 5 year warranty of hull & GRP parts; 2 year warranty of general fitting & finishes;
Zero maintenance & 25-year warranty of the photovoltaic module Solar panels; Zero maintenance &
10 year warranty of Lithium LiFeO4 Batteries; Zero maintenance & lifetime warranty of electric motor;
Noiseless & fume-less; Fuel-bill-less; Marina electric-bill-less; Environment-friendly with an inspiring
sunrise and a breath-taking romantic sunset, while cruising on the water !
*Gottsegen Yachts has good relationship with China Yacht Builder who has established with China
most reliable energy & drivetrain upgraded battery technology such as Reluctance Assisted
Permanent Magnet (SRPM) system, as well as the Pod Thruster propeller system.


*无限范围;船体和 GRP 部件 5 年保修;一般装修和饰面的 2 年保修;光伏组件零维护&25年质保;
LiFeO4 锂电池零维护和 10 年保修;电机零维护,终身保修;无噪音、无油烟;无燃油费;码头无电费
*Gottsegen Yachts 与 China Yacht Builder 建立了良好的关系,后者与中国建立了最可靠的能源和动力传
动系统升级电池技术,例如 Reluctance Assisted Permanent Magnet (SRPM) 系统,以及 Pod Thruster 螺旋

Technical Specification

The Gottsegen 62 is 19.27 meters cruising new energy catamaran with a standard 2 guest cabins and the draft of 0.86 meters, which can reach up to 15 knots. This catamaran is built with fiberglass / grp hull and has CCS / CE Certification.
Length : 19.27 m / 63′
Beam : 9.00 m / 29′ 6″
Draft : 0.86 m / 2′ 10”
Displacement, 30.8t (full load)
Water tank, 2 x 300 l
Wastewater tanks; 2 x 150 l
Passenger capacity
Max people: 28 plus Crew: 2
Cabins: 2
Berths for guests: 4
Bathrooms: 2
Solar Panel & Power
Estimated 40 square metres Solar Panel Energy Harvest with approximately 50kVA/ day.
Battery Capacity
700 Kwh
Engines and performance
Engine options
Pod drive: 2 x 75 – 100kW
Cruising Speed: 8 – 10 knots
Max Speed: 10 – 15 knots
CCS Certified (CE / BV / DNV Certification is available upon request)
Hull type – Catamaran
Hull material – Fiberglass / GRP / Aluminum
Design – Modern Italian Concept designer motor yachts
Manufacturer’s data: China Yacht Builder and Italian Designer for Gottsegen Yachts, Singapore.


Gottsegen 62是一艘长19.27米的巡航新能源双体船,标准2间客舱,吃水0.86米,航速可达15节。该双体船采用玻璃纤维/玻璃钢船体建造,并拥有 CCS/CE 认证。
长度:19.27 m / 63′
横梁:9.00 m / 29′ 6″
吃水:0.86 m / 2′ 10”
水箱,2 x 300 升
废水箱; 2×150升
最多人数:28 人+ 船员:2 人
预计 40 平方米太阳能电池板能量收获,约 50kVA/天。
吊舱驱动:2 x 75 – 100kW
巡航速度:8 – 10 节
最大速度:10 – 15 节
CCS 认证(可根据要求提供 CE / BV / DNV 认证)
船体类型 – 双体船
船体材料 – 玻璃纤维/GRP/铝
制造商数据:中国游艇制造商和新加坡 Gottsegen Yachts 的意大利设计师。

Lay-Out 布局

Cockpit and Crew Compartment 驾驶舱和乘员舱

Guest Bedroom and Bathroom 客房和浴室

Schematic Diagram of the Power System

Power System Schematic

Hull Structural Materials
Manufactured by glass-fibre-reinforced plastic vacuum adsorption process, the hull, superstructure, structural
bulkhead, deck, deckhouse, and columns are all constructed of non-combustible materials or fire-resistant
materials with sufficient structural performance, and the fire-resistant materials meet the requirements of FSS
性能的不燃材料或耐火材料建造,耐火材料符合 FSS 规定的要求。

Fire Separation
The battery compartment is enclosed by fire-resistant partitions, and its bulkhead and deck adopt A60 fire-resistant and flame-retardant structure. The selected fire-resistant cotton is tested in accordance with the
relevant requirements of FSS regulations and has a structural fire-resistant time of at least 60 minutes.

A60 Fire cotton

Program Layout

  • Installed in a dedicated battery compartment.
  • The smallest detachable unit is 96kg.
  • Satisfaction
  • Minimum height of sheet battery compartment: 2.3m, height of unilateral battery pack: 1.035m
  • Sheet battery compartment width: 1.5m, single side battery pack width: 0.66m
  • 安装在专用电池仓内。
  • 最小的可拆卸单元为 96 公斤。
  • 满意
  • 片状电池仓最小高度:2.3m,单边电池组高度:1.035m
  • 片状电池仓宽度:1.5m,单面电池组宽度:0.66m

Hull Colour-Selection

Battery compartment layout 电池仓布局

Batteries with a total storage capacity greater than 200kWh shall be installed in the battery
compartment or in the battery box (cabinet) on the open deck.
For ships with a length of less than or equal to 20m, the weight of the minimum detachable
unit for quick maintenance of any battery shall be less than or equal to 130kg.
When the propulsion batteries are arranged in the cabin, they shall be separately arranged
in at least two dedicated cabins.
The clear distance between the battery box (cabinet) or the battery pack and the bulkhead
and the upper deck shall not be less than 150mm, and the clear distance from the bulkhead
and the upper deck reinforcement structure shall not be less than 100mm.
The minimum horizontal distance from the battery box (cabinet) and the battery pack to the
outer shell and structure of the hull is not less than 300mm, and the minimum horizontal
distance to the inner plate and structure of the catamaran hull is not less than 150mm.
水平距离不小于150mm .
Ship Data Monitoring
This project fully draws on the design experience of the power system of the first large-scale
all-electric cruise ship “Junlv” in China. On the premise of meeting the specifications, the
research on the key safety monitoring parameters of pure electric yachts is carried out
according to the technical characteristics and layout characteristics of the yacht. It also
provides more data monitoring options and channels for maritime regulatory authorities and
ship owners.

High reliability battery power integration system
1, The battery packs are independent of each other, any battery failure will not affect the
normal operation of other battery packs.

  1. In the thermal runaway state of any one battery cell or one battery module in the battery
    pack, it will not cause thermal runaway of the battery system.
  2. The ship adopts the DC power distribution electric propulsion system, there is no problem
    of frequency and phase matching, and the energy utilization efficiency is improved.
  3. Realize the selective protection of DC grid short-circuit current through DC fast fuses, which
    can ensure the continuous power supply of the ship grid when short-circuited at any position
    (not the DC busbar).
  4. The inverter power supply outputs high-quality AC power, which can meet the
    requirements of impact loads.
    6, The propulsion inverter has a low voltage fault ride-through function. The propulsion
    inverter will not shut down when the DC grid voltage dips for a short time.
  5. A special charging device is equipped for the power battery system to ensure the stability
    of charging.
    Ship Design
    The hull is a 62-foot catamaran. Compared with the V-bottom monohull with the same length,
    the stability is better than that of a V-bottom monohull. It has the characteristics of small
    draft and low power propulsion resistance.
    船体是一艘 62 英尺的双体船。与相同长度的V底单体船相比,稳定性优于V底单体船。具有吃水小、动

Pod Thruster
It allows the ship to realize 360-degree steering and movement without dead angle. While
improving the manoeuvrability of the ship, it can be driven remotely and laterally (to facilitate
docking of the ship) and has an electronic anchoring function. The boat can be equipped with
multi-point thruster as an option.

Environmental Benefits
The pure electric yacht developed in this project can completely realize zero emission during sailing. According
to estimates, considering that South-east Asia Region has more than 300 sunny days throughout the year, the daily
power consumption is about 1600kWh, and the annual consumption of diesel oil can be reduced by about 70
tons, and the annual carbon dioxide emission can be reduced by more than 200 tons.

Improved Regulations
Through this project, we have accumulated experience in the design, construction, configuration of related
supporting equipment and yacht inspection in the field of pure electric yachts, and through later operations, we
will lay a solid foundation for the development of pure electric yachts in my country and the formulation of
technical inspection standards and provide practical reference and suggestions for improving regulations.

Smart Supervision
With the development of pure electric yachts and the increase in the number of pure electric yachts, a pure
electric yacht operation supervision platform can be built in the future, which can be connected to all pure
electric yachts in South-east Asia Region, and the battery power system and related systems of pure electric yachts
operating in South-east Asia Region Realize safety supervision and ensure the safe and high-quality development of
the yacht industry in South-east Asia Region, Thailand.

The Company offers the details of this vessel in good faith but cannot guarantee or warrant the accuracy of this information nor warrant
the condition of the vessel. A buyer should instruct his agents, or his surveyors, to investigate such details as the buyer desires validated.
This vessel is offered subject to prior sale, price change, or withdrawal without notice.