Navisyo Group

The Navisyo Group was founded in 2020, in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, with the intention of providing innovative and customized solutions to remedy the health, safety and financial impacts of the Covid-19 crisis.

Connecting people with wonders of nature’s waterways.
Navisyo Group is connecting people with the wonders of the ocean, rivers and lakes on our revolutionary floating homes, online boat booking platform, and eco hotels on water.

A real estate branch of the Navisyo Group. Smarter housing on the water.

Revolutionary eco-friendly vacation rental concept on the water.

Innovative online traveling booking platform. Rent a boat and sail the world.

Helping police, firefighters, teachers, military and medical professionals.


海军集团 成立于 2020 年全球大流行期间,旨在提供创新和定制的解决方案,以弥补 Covid-19 危机对健康、安全和财务的影响。

海军集团 通过我们革命性的浮动房屋、在线船只预订平台和水上生态酒店将人们与海洋、河流和湖泊的奇观联系起来。

海军集团 的房地产分公司。更智能的水上住宅。