Precise Engineering and Exhilarating Performance

Novatec’s engineering department understands the importance of Pre-Engineering even before the boat is put into production. Therefore, Rhino 3D and other professional software are used to pre-run all the wiring and plumbing layout, structural strengths , running trim angle, LCG…etc through computer simulation and calculation to optimize the boat’s performance and fuel efficiency.

Apart from the basic engineering elements on each boat, Novatec also strives to build a most user-friendly boat by placing ergonomics as top priority. From details as small as location and height of light switches to the overall layout arrangement of the engine room for ease of maintenance, we ensure that the captain, owner, and even your first-time guests will find the boat amazingly intuitive to use. Moreover, the electric panels and wires are so neatly finished and labeled that adding  equipments post delivery will be a simple task.

Photo 1: Rhino 3D and CAD softwares are used as part of the Pre-Engineering process.

Photo 2: Simulation of trim angle, LCG, performance, and fuel consumption.

Photo 3: Electric panels and wires are so neatly finished and labeled for ease of maintenance.