Rodman 1290 Fisher Pro

The flagship of the Rodman Sports Fisher series, the Rodman 1290 Fisher Pro will provide her owner with long days of sailing and sport fishing away from the coast, enjoying the sea in comfort.

Spacious and robust, the Rodman 1290 Fisher Pro benefits from the most advanced design and construction resources, an outstanding boat with the best performance for sports fishing coupled with all the comforts of a luxury yacht.

Internal volume has been significantly increased thanks to a change on the deck, the space gained has been cleverly utilised to maximise internal volume whilst avoiding any compromise on safety. The benefits of the increased internal volume can be felt throughout; the galley houses a large fridge freezer (repeated in the saloon), increased stowage and a double sink fitted as standard. Both cabins have significantly improved space, each one being seductively appointed down to the finest detail.

Thanks to the re-arrangement of the deck, the volume of the Rodman 1290 Fisher Pro’s engine room is also increased enabling walk in engine room access through either an aft cockpit hatch (next to the large covered external sink) or through a saloon floor hatch.

Being 5400kg heavier than the 1250 it takes even more to knock this boat off course giving the Rodman 1290 Fisher Pro unparalleled performance.

Rodman Sports Fisher 系列的旗舰产品,Rodman 1290 Fisher Pro 将为她的主人提供远离海岸的长时间航行和运动钓鱼,舒适地享受大海。

Rodman 1290 Fisher Pro 宽敞而坚固,得益于最先进的设计和建造资源,是一艘出色的船,具有最佳的运动钓鱼性能以及豪华游艇的所有舒适性。


由于甲板的重新布置,Rodman 1290 Fisher Pro 机舱的容积也增加了,可以通过后驾驶舱舱口(在大型有盖外部水槽旁边)或通过轿车地板舱口进入机舱.

比 1250 重 5400 公斤,它需要更多的时间才能让这艘船偏离航线,从而为 Rodman 1290 Fisher Pro 提供无与伦比的性能。