Rodman 33 Offshore

The new Rodman 33 Offshore is shown as versatile boat with all all the attributes of the Rodman boat and the functionality and high performance required for this type of boat.

New Rodman 33 OFFSHORE: the perfect balance of experience, know-how and innovation. A new boat concept which inherits all the distinctive attributes of all the Rodman boat: robustness, seaworthiness, build quality, functionality and high performance required for this type of boat.

The new Rodman 33 Offshore is a balanced and comprehensive boat, capable of reaching a speed of more than 45 knots with the typical safety and comfort provided by all Rodman vessels.
A versatile boat aimed at a wide range of clients, due to the boat concept itself, the definition of spaces, equipment and different options which will allow the configuration of the boat according to the Owner’s requirements for use.

新型Rodman 33 Offshore被显示为多功能船,具有Rodman船的所有属性以及此类船所需的功能和高性能。

New Rodman 33 OFFSHORE:经验,知识和创新的完美平衡。一种新的船概念,继承了所有罗德曼船的所有独特属性:鲁棒性,适航性,建造质量,功能性和高性能,这是此类船所需要的。

新型Rodman 33 Offshore是一艘平衡而全面的船,能够以超过45节的速度航行,并具有所有Rodman船提供的典型安全性和舒适性。


Design CategoryB/C
Max. Number of Persons onboard10/12
Hull Length10.70 m
Beam3.00 m
Draft0.70 m
Fuel Tank Capacity1000 L
Water Tank Capacity170 L
Engines from2×250 HP to 2×300 HP