Rodman 890 Ventura

We introduce the new version of the Rodman 890 Ventura with a new style and renewed personality.

The new version of the Rodman 890 VENTURA: quality, prestige, innovation and excellent seaworthiness.

The addition of new design elements such as large windows in the hull provide this new version with a new style and renewed personality.

Outboard engines provides multiple options, both in power to be installed and also by making it single or double configuration, to obtain the maximum benefits.

Rodman 890 Ventura, is shown as a comprehensive and balanced boat. A versatile boat aimed at a wide range of owners, either to enjoy fishing or cruising with family or friends.

我们以新的风格和更新的个性介绍新版的Rodman 890 Ventura。

Rodman 890 VENTURA的新版本:质量,信誉,创新和出色的适航性。



Rodman 890 Ventura被显示为全面而平衡的船。面向广泛所有者的多功能船,可以与家人或朋友一起钓鱼或钓鱼。


Design CategoryC/B
Max. number of persons onboard10/8
Overall Leng8.90 m
Hull Length7.99 m
Total Beam2.98 m
Power installedSingle Engine: 1×300 HP; Double Engine: 2×150 HP, 2×200 HP, 2X225HP
Displacement without engines2,900 kg