Rodman Muse 74

As reference in the market, the Rodman Muse 74 combines style and sophistication with robustness, quality and seaworthiness. Designed by Fulvio de Simoni.

RODMAN MUSE 74, flagship of the Muse range. This yacht, a reference in the market, offers the best of the Muse range: style and sophistication combined with robustness, quality and seaworthiness.

The Rodman Muse 74 will match perfectly the expectations of the most demanding owners.

Plenitude and authenticity as insignias of luxury are the two pillars underlying the philosophy behind the Rodman Muse 74,a philosophy focused on the value of personal achievement and shared moments of pleasure.

Fulvio de Simoni has demonstrated his skill in designing the sophisticated comfortable interior of the RODMAN MUSE 74.

The result is the predominance of pure, clean lines, spaciousness and light. A space that is unique in its style and unbeatable in terms of quality.

作为市场上的参考,Rodman Muse 74将样式和精致度与坚固性,质量和适航性结合在一起。由Fulvio de Simoni设计。

RODMAN MUSE 74,缪斯系列的旗舰。这艘游艇是市场上的参考,提供Muse系列中的最佳产品:款式和精致度与坚固性,质量和适航性相结合。

Rodman Muse 74将完全符合最苛刻的车主的期望。

罗德曼缪斯74(Rodman Muse 74)理念背后的两大支柱便是宽容与真实,这是奢侈品的标志,该理念侧重于个人成就和共享快乐时光的价值。

Fulvio de Simoni展示了他在设计RODMAN MUSE 74精致舒适的内饰方面的技巧。




Design category B
Max. Number of Persons Bboard16
Overall Length (LLOA) 23.16 m
Hull Length (LH)22.89 m
Total Beam (BBOA) 5.67 m
Draught (maximum) 1.78 m
Light Weight44.79 tons
Fuel Tank Capacity5412 L
Water Tank Capacity1308 L
Black Water Capacity360 L
Grey Water Capacity360 L
Maximum Speed30* knots
Cruising speed (70% Pot.)25* knots
Fuel-Economic Speed Range410* miles
Engines: 2 x MAN V12 1550HP

These data may vary depending on weather and sea conditions, load and hull condition. The data provided correspond to 1.500 L of fuel and 3 persons on board, except for the range corresponding to total fuel capacity