Rodman Muse

The year 2006 saw the birth of the Rodman Muse range, designed by naval architect Fulvio de Simoni’s studio. Together with Rodman, they have conceptualized in this range, the fusion of the beauty and personality of Rodman Muse, with the character, strength and navigation of the boats built by Rodman in its more than 43 years of experience. A decade later, it has become a benchmark range, both for its excellent design and performance.

Rodman Muse is our real achievement. Fusion of beauty and charisma, emotion and function. A range designed and built with the experience of more than 43 years building boats. Rodman Muse boats designed for the senses, to enjoy the highest demands at sea and unique experiences.

Reference model for its length, the Rodman Muse 44 is unique in its segment for its three cabins.

The perfect fusion between endless space and elegance. Rodman Muse 50 designed by Fulvio de Simoni.

A whole new meaning to the sailing experience. The Rodman Muse 54 is based on combining Rodman’s expertise with the inspired genius of designer Fulvio de Simoni.

As reference in the market, the Rodman Muse 74 combines style and sophistication with robustness, quality and seaworthiness. Designed by Fulvio de Simoni.