Rodman Muse 44

The Rodman Muse 44 is a reference within its category of vessel, thanks to its design and performances and unique on its segment due to its 3 cabins.

The Rodman Muse 44 is a current boat, noted for its exterior design and interior layout. The spaciousness and care in the choice of materials are key elements in the final result.

Its outdoor lines are modern, contemporary and innovative. This new version of the Rodman Muse 44 increases the window’s surface in the deck, giving an excellent interior brightness.
As a novelty, this new version adds 2 new windows at both sides, in the middle and in the bow that increases the natural light in the lower accommodation area, in the master cabin as well as in the 2 guest cabins.

Rodman Muse 44 因其设计和性能而成为其同类船舶中的参考,并且由于其 3 个舱室而在其细分市场中独树一帜。

Rodman Muse 44 是一艘现代船,以其外观设计和内部布局而著称。材料选择的宽敞和谨慎是最终结果的关键因素。

它的户外线条是现代、现代和创新的。这一新版本的 Rodman Muse 44 增加了甲板上的窗户表面,提供了出色的内部亮度。
作为一个新颖之处,这个新版本在两侧、中间和船头增加了 2 个新窗户,增加了下层住宿区、主舱和 2 个客舱的自然光。


Design category B
Max. Number of Persons Bboard12
Overall Length13.60 m
Hull Length11.99 m
Total Beam 4.28 m
Draught 1.08 m
Maximum Displacement14.65 tons
Fuel Tank Capacity1330 L
Water Tank Capacity400 L
Back Water Capacity106 L
Maximum Speed32 knots*
Cruising speed (70% Pot)26* knots
Fuel-Economic Speed Range400* miles
Engines: 2 X Volvo D6 500IPS
2 X Volvo D6 600 IPS

435 CV