Rodman MUSE 54

A whole new meaning to the sailing experience. The Rodman Muse 54 is based on combining Rodman’s expertise with the inspired genius of designer Fulvio de Simoni.

The design of the Rodman Muse 54, a perfect fusion of power, elegance and seaworthiness, is based on combining Rodman’s expertise in boat building with the inspired genius of designer Fulvio de Simoni. The result is the incorporation of key concepts such as emotion, energy, authenticity and sophistication in the yacht’s stylized lines.

Each detail of the Rodman Muse 54 takes you on an exciting journey into a world of new sensations and gives a whole new meaning to the sailing experience.

Style, strength, emotion, freedom … The perfect vessel in which to experience life at sea in a different way each day, whether enjoying the intimacy of moments alone in the vastness of the open sea or revelling in the warmth of companionship during evenings on deck that are filled with the kind of sensations that go to make unforgettable memories. Laughter, glances, silence, whispers, complicity, fascination, color, space

对航海体验有了全新的意义。 Rodman Muse 54是基于Rodman的专业知识与设计师Fulvio de Simoni的启发而创造的。

Rodman Muse 54的设计完美融合了动力,优雅和适航性,是基于Rodman在造船方面的专业知识与设计师Fulvio de Simoni的天才相结合而成。结果是在游艇的风格化线条中融入了诸如情感,活力,真实性和复杂性等关键概念。

罗德曼缪斯(Rodman Muse)54的每个细节都带您踏上激动人心的新感觉世界,并为航海体验赋予了全新的含义。



Overall Length 16.72 m
Hull Length 16.21 m
Total Beam 4.75 m
Draft 1.02 m
Displacement 27.5 tons
Fuel Tank capacity 2540 L2540 L
Water Tank capacity650 L
Black Water capacity129 L
Maximum speed32 knots
Cruising speed (70% engine capacity)26 knots
Velocidad económica nudos18 knots
Autonomy at cruising speed420 miles
Engine(s)2 X Volvo D11 IPS 900 ( 700CV), 2 X Volvo D13 800 CV or 2 X CMD QSM 11-715 DTS